About Me


my name is Karsten and I am a senior scientist at Fraunhofer ESK in Munich, Germany. My main research areas are communication protocols and network simulation for connected vehicles and future mobility services.

In my day-to-day work I use (modern) C++ in conjunction with CMake, boost and Protocol Buffers to implement communication stacks, server applications and simulation models. Furthermore, I rely on Python with the help of pandas, NumPy and seaborn for most of my data analysis and visualization needs. I also meddle around with machine learning based on scikit-learn as well as Keras/TensorFlow.

In my quest for maintainable solutions to issues popping up each day I tend to find a lot of useful answers and hints in blog posts by other authors. However, sometimes the information is outdated or I have to piece together several sources for my specific problem. Therefore, this blog is intended to document whatever I found out - first for myself - but also for others who might find it helpful.